Made in USA

Fantasia "looks & feels" like fine "real" jewelry, because it is fine jewelry. It is created in the same manner as expensive gold and platinum jewelry, and handset with stones of exacting cut and brilliance that only an expert Jeweler with a loupe can detect.

The history of Fantasia dates back to 1925 when Al DeSerio  worked as one of the top 8 diamond setters in the USA. Eventually he founded his own diamond setting firm, and along with his three sons, Sebastian, Joseph and Edward, became the manufacturer of fine set platinum and gold jewelry. Gradually the brothers began replicating the fine jewelry and formed Fantasia by DeSerio, Inc.

The concept developed by them was to create a piece of jewelry with man made stones while maintaining the "Look & Feel of Real"© jewelry at an affordable price.
Fantasia jewelry history

The experience and knowledge attained while manufacturing diamond jewelry is reflected in each and every piece they manufacture. Presently there are three generations of DeSerio's that produce and inspect each piece that is shipped.

Today Fantasia is recognized as the finest bridge line jewelry worldwide. The workmanship, quality and look of each piece is unsurpassed. All Fantasia by DeSerio is made of precious metals, gold, silver and platinum. They are cast in the same manner as fine jewelry, and polished by expert professional jewelry polishers. All 14k white gold and 18k white gold jewelry are plated with a durable and bright rhodium layer while sterling silver-based jewelry is plated with 22k white or yellow gold. For the look of fine, platinum jewelry, the 22k white gold plate is additionally plated with hard/durable rhodium over the top of the 22k white gold base. Electroplate techniques add extra metal to the prongs, strengthening them, so that the loss of stones will not occur. All jewelry is then polished and white glove inspected.
The Look & Feel of Real


The skilled diamond setters who set our stones all have many years of experience in setting diamonds and fine gem stones to achieve that "Masters Touch." Each stone is selected for size and balance then placed in a setting that is drilled precisely to seat the stone properly. The prongs are then folded over the stone and each is shaped by hand to reveal as much of the stone's brilliance a possible. This is the way the finest diamonds are set and the only way Fantasia Jewelry is set.

When you sell Fantasia by DeSerio, you sell Fantasia's lifetime guarantee with it. This assures your customer that if anything should go wrong, we will repair or replace it. (see warranty)
We do not sell Fantasia as "costume jewelry." Fantasia by DeSerio is fine hand set jewelry crafted by hand in the USA. Fantasia's plating equipment is among the most advanced. This will assure you and your customer that under normal conditions, Fantasia by DeSerio will not discolor or wear through. Your customer should be advised that Fantasia by DeSerio is made with open backs for proper cleaning. Jewelry should be cleaned periodically by steam or ultrasonic cleaning.